Enliven Your Living Room

Enliven Your Living Room

It is said, ”First impression is the last impression.”

The importance of the appearance and feel of your living room cannot be stressed enough. It gives your visitors an insight into your personality. At the same time, it is the space for your family to bond. It should be decorated with appropriate furniture and furnishings to appear attractive.

However, the furniture/furnishings used should be well coordinated with the color scheme of your living room. One of the basic design factors for any room in your home is the colors used for painting it.

Here are some colors to add a personality to your living room:


It is a vibrant shade that adds a character to your room during the day and a warm cozy feel at night. Turquoise is available in various shades. For a living room, a shade that is not too bold is a good choice. This shade should be coupled with pale flooring. It offsets well with white shelving, furniture, etc.

Pastel Shades:

Sober pastel shades impart a light, cheery mood to the living room. They also make it appear roomy. If you feel that the color is too dull for your liking, you can use wallpaper or paint one wall in a bright shade for contrast. If you want to be sure to have the right gear to paint your house, use Airless from Paintsprayer.co.uk. With this machine you are sure to be using the right machinery.


White is a good option for a small living room. It makes the room appear larger. The best part about this shade is that it is easy to coordinate it with furniture and furnishings of any color. You can go for bright colored sofa covers or curtains or opt for soft pastel shades.

Dark shades of blue/gray:

Yes, dark shades can also be used in your living room. You can set yourself apart by choosing these shades. They impart elegance to the room. You can use bright, patterned sofa/cushion covers. You can make your room appear vibrant with colored glass and accessories.


Pink color can be used creatively for decorating your living room. This color is available in numerous shades. You can use a combination of dark and light for your walls, accessories, etc. It imparts a soft mellow look to your living room. This unconventional choice if used appropriately speaks volumes about your creativity and personality.


Yellow is a vibrant color. It imparts an energetic feel to your living room. It can be used with a myriad of colors of furnishings and accessories. Furniture with a wooden finish or in white color, all match well with thisvivacious color.

Give wings to your imagination and choose a color scheme to enliven your living room!

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