Blogging to Dominate!

Blogging to Dominate!

Blogging to Dominate! I didn’t start out wanting to dominate my niche by blogging, but that is what is has become. Blogging has turned out to be quite a challenge but also a very enjoyable activity for me.  This is also a very effective Attraction Marketing strategy.

 Blogging to Dominate

Well no, I didn’t start out trying to get rank and out rank everybody else that was trying to out rank me, what a rat race! I knew fairly early on that I didn’t know enough about blog to be a kick butt blogger–didn’t know a thing about “Blogging to Dominate!”  

The question was, “Where can I get the advice that I need and not have to spend a fortune getting it?”–yes I am cheap.  Well maybe not cheap but I do have a limited amount of funds available to me compared to the big guys and I knew that. I really felt screwed!

Blogging to Dominate-Getting advice

So there I was a bit frustrated, not knowing how to promote my Network Marketing business and I was watching some guy talking about picking up dog crap-how exciting.  I watch the video for a couple of minutes to find out the gentleman in the video had already gone through many of the same things that I was going through and he had figured about how to conquer them. Not only that,but he was offering to share his experiences–for a small fee of course.

Well, I thought about it for about another two minutes and figured that I would spend more time and money trying to figure this out myself then he was charging for his training course. It would, for sure, save me some time. So I jumped in.

The training program was called “Blogging Domination Blueprint”.

So far in my Internet Marketing/Blogging career, that was one of the best decisions that I ever made.  I was able to get a blog up and running in no time and with a few exceptions the plugins, and other software was free. What wasn’t free ,was well worth the money. I guided through how to set up a blog-start to finish-and how to get back links to my pages.


Blogging to Dominate–What’s next.

Ok, so that got me started. Things were going ok but I still had more questions, like how do I target my customers? Pick my niche, be more effective in communicating value with my blog. Low and behold, it was the same guy in another video, he again he was “Johnny on the spot”

This time the training was more in depth and it went into how to pick my niche, set up email marketing campaigns.  That training was called “Internet Wealth Blueprint”.

Gain, the training cost was well worth the money I paid. Now I was ready to take it even further that is when I got involved with MLSP and discovered a wonder SEO training program call Predatory SEO.

This training more into strategy, how to pick the right keyword phrases and do the marketing analysis. In a nutshell find the nooks and crannies that the big guys were not covering so that I could get my content ranked on the first page and one of the top three in the results page–awesome.  Now I am well on my way.

 On my way

Now I have mastered Mastered Blogging Attraction Marketing techniques, I am branching out into other Social Media platforms to promote my business, and blog content. Every week I am getting more traffic to my site. My frustrations, gone. My struggles, gone–at least for the most part. I am looking forward to next week as my results keep getting better with each passing day.

These secret tips, and training (whatever term you want to use) are what I am sharing with you on this blog today. Take some time to look around and sign up for my weekly newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve great success!


To Your Marketing Success,

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