About Us


A bit about me…where I grew up.

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Central Minnesota, what a great way to grow up. There was always work to do so there was never a dull moment.  Being on a farm taught me self reliance, if a piece machinery broke down I needed to fix it. Sometimes I had to improvise a repair so that I could finish the job or limp the equipment home where I could make proper repairs.

Attraction Marketing

This year are started using an Attraction Marketing System called My Lead System Pro to help me promote my Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity.  Click here to read more about MLSP.

As a Network Marketer and MLM entrepreneur I have struggled mightily with trying to build my business. I quickly ran out of “warm” contacts to talked to and then need to turn else where. I found my self chasing people around shopping malls. People who were not interested in starting business or even interested in the product that I was offering.  That was until I stumbled upon MLSP.

With MLSP I have been able to get the coaching that I lacked.  I started with MSLP in February and with in a couple of days began pulling in leads and have been getting a steady flow of new leads into my business.

It is all about coaching and paying it forward.

Now that I have some success I have turned my focus toward helping other struggling MLM, Network Marketers or off-line business owners find better ways to promote their products.

I look forward to working with you to help you get your business on track!

Click here to learn more about MLSP